• Sell Tickets

    World Dance Registry is the most powerful dance
    event registration system available that features:

    • Online registration • Onsite registration • Sell tickets, competitions, workshops, & merchandise • Accept credit cards, PayPal, checks, and cash • Event management• Custom solution taylored to your event• Short registration lines!

  • Digital Scoring

    Take control of your dance competitions with
    World Dance Registry Pro Score ™ real-time
    digital scoring and contest management system.

    • Modern Easy To Use Proven Technology• High Performance Secure Multi-user Design • Advanced AI fueled algorithms • Supports all popular contest types and algorithms• Fully integrated with registration • Happy Attendees, Competitors, Judges, and Contest Team!

  • Promote

    your dance event with a page
    customized for your event
    that features:

    • Cutting edge social network integration • Search engine optimization

  • Elevate

    your event's online registration to the next level:

    • Cross brower compatible standards compliant HTML • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) page just for your event

    • Display YouTube videos on your event page • Social network integration

  • Manage

    your event more efficiency

    • Real-time reporting and accounting • Executive dashboard • Detailed financial statements • Fast and accurate competitor management • Speed, power, and maximum flexiblity• Easy to use

We help the best event directors run the best events

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Trusted By

  • Palm Springs Salsa
    Palm Springs Salsa
  • Boston Tea Party
    Boston Tea Party
  • Trilogy Swing
    Trilogy Swing
  • MADjam
  • Show Me Showdown
    Show Me Showdown
  • Austin Swing Dance Champ
    Austin Swing Dance Champ
  • Montreal Westie Fest
    Montreal Westie Fest
  • Hustle Dance Tour
    Hustle Dance Tour
  • Palm Springs Classic
    Palm Springs Swing
  • Philly Swing Classic
    Philly Swing Classic
  • Freedom Swing Classic
    Freedom Swing Classic
  • Florida Dance Magic
    Florida Dance Magic
  • Desert City Swing
    Desert City Swing
  • Swingin' Dance Party
    Swingin' Dance Party
  • Texas Swing X-Change
    Texas Swing X-Change
  • Swing Over Orlando
    Swing Over Orlando
  • Swingin' Montreal
    Swingin' Montreal
  • The US Open
    The US Open
  • Derby City Swing
    Derby City Swing
  • Charlotte Westie Fest
    Charlotte Westie Fest
  • The Challenge
    The Challenge
  • River City Swing
    River City Swing
  • Miami Dance Magic
    Miami Dance Magic
  • Tampa Bay Classic
    Tampa Bay Classic
  • Summer Swing Dance Camp
    Summer Swing Dance Camp
  • Summer Swing Classic
    Summer Swing Classic
  • Swing Fling
    Swing Fling
  • Sweetheart Swing Classic
    Sweetheart Swing Classic
  • C.A.S.H Bash
    C.A.S.H Bash
  • Chicago Rebels
    Chicago Rebels
  • Floor Play Swing Vacation
    Floor Play Swing Vacation
  • Spotlight Dance Celebration
    Spotlight Dance Celebration
  • Dance Camp Chicago
    Dance Camp Chicago
  • Chicago Classic
    The Chicago Classic
  • Swing Dance America
    Swing Dance America
  • Michigan Classic
    The Michigan Classic
  • Liberty
    Liberty Swing
  • GPSDC 4th of July Convention
    GPSDC 4th of July Convention
  • Wisconsin Dance Challenge
    Wisconsin Dance Challenge
  • Meet Me In St Louis
    Meet Me In St Louis
  • Austin Rocks!
    Austin Rocks!
  • Swing City Chicago
    Swing City Chicago
  • DC Swing Experience
    DC Swing Experience
  • Westie-Con
  • Florida Westie Fest
    Florida Westie Fest
  • Houston Rocks!
    Houston Rocks!
  • DanzaPalooza


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