Competitions and Scoring

Blue Ribbon Award

If dance events were people, competitions would be their heart.

As an event director, you know that managing competitions and competitor data accurately and efficiently is key to enabling your event to run smoothly and on time.

An issue here could put you in an awkward position and lead to a less than optimal experience for your patrons.

Fortunately, World Dance Registry makes that challenge easy!

Your competitors are guided through a quick and easy registration process online, or they can also register on-site.

Then you use our robust competition data tool to quickly and easily retrieve the data in real-time.

Did we forget to mention the step where you have to make manual adjustments to the data?

Nope; it’s not necessary.

The following types of competitions are supported

  • Individual
  • Partnered
  • ProAm
  • Team

Each competition type employs a proprietary algorithm

The competitor experiences an intuitive registration process specific to the item being purchased. During the registration process, data is validated with proprietary business rules. Afterwards, no further data entry is necessary.

Each competitor is a business object in the system

Competitors are not simply keyed into a text field. Therefore, all of a competitor’s data, such as name and gender, as well as all of the other competitions that competitor has entered, is pulled from that object and is ready for use in real-time reports. This is a powerful feature that general E-commerce systems cannot offer.

Automatically assign competitor BIB numbers

Your competitions are unique, and we have a flexible system for assigning BIB numbers. BIB numbers automatically show up on competition reports and customer itineraries.

You can easily make adjustments to competitors in the system such as

  • Leader to a Follower
  • Pro to Am
  • Transfer competition to another competitor

Powerful competition data extract tool

  • Generate files in Excel/CSV/Html/XML formats in customizable field arrangement
  • Compatible with any proprietary scoring system
  • Manage competitor scratches
  • Accessible via a secure web page or the Administration Console allowing you to get data quickly and easily from anywhere, even a mobile device