If dance events were cars, reports would be their dashboard.

They aren’t as exciting as engines, but they provide the necessary info to help you run your event effectively.

World Dance Registry leverages an enterprise reporting system to list: sales figures, attendees, items sold, competition data, financial standing, and much more.

Our reports render data in real-time with a simple mouse-click.

Accurate real-time reports

Attendance & check-in process

  • List of all event attendees
  • List of all pre-registered patrons
  • List of all pre-registered patrons including waivers (can be printed out prior to event to dramatically reduce line length)
  • Waivers dynamically generated from the system
  • Track check-ins and waiver signings


  • Automatically assign competitor BIB numbers
  • Report of all competitor BIB numbers assigned
  • Customizable competitor data extract tool


  • List and count of all products sold by category


  • Detailed financial report detailing quantity of each item sold and revenue collected for each item
  • Bundle of all receipts generated for a particular event
  • Statement of Account financial report


  • Ad-Hoc reports available upon request; any view of your data is possible
  • And more

Supported formats for most reports

  • PDF
  • Excel
  • CSV
  • Html

All reports are generated from your event’s data in real-time

Plus, you receive a Statement of Account each month (or at pre-defined interval that meets your needs).

Accessible anywhere

View reports on your computer, print them out, or view them on your mobile device.